Stop on a dime and keep your rig stationary when not in use with the Yamaha YXZ brakes, the Yamaha YXZ brake pads, and the Yamaha YXZ parking brakes from Everything Yamaha Offroad! In some cases, things like Yamaha YXZ parking brake adjustments can do the trick, but in other cases, some aftermarket products like a Yamaha YXZ big brake kit might be required!

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Brakes are something you don’t want to mess around with on your Yamaha YXZ. When you’re racing down tight, winding off-road trails, being able to stop your Yamaha YXZ on a dime is critical to the safety of you and your passengers. Too many riders neglect their Yamaha YXZ’s brakes and don’t bother to ever replace their brake pads, brake rotors, or brake fluids. Here at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we have all the brake-related parts and accessories you need to care for your Yamaha YXZ’s brakes. We’ve got brake pad replacements, brake rotor replacements, front brake line kits, and rear brake line kits from top brands like Cognito, Moose, EPI, and Factory UTV.

One of the most common brake-related accessories for the Yamaha YXZ we get asked about are brake pad replacements. The Yamaha YXZ’s stock brake pads aren’t exactly built to last, so it isn’t long before they start to wear down. Whether your Yamaha YXZ’s stock brake pads are completely shot or they still have some life in them, it’s always good to be stocked up on aftermarket UTV replacement brake pads. We recommend checking out the Yamaha YXZ 1000 Brake Pads RR by Moose. These brake pads are constructed from heavy-duty and long-lasting sintered metal, which stands up to the toughest weather and provides reliable stopping power no matter what the conditions are. And if you need to replace your Yamaha YXZ’s brake lines, we have front and rear replacement brake line kits for the Yamaha YXZ by Cognito.