Carrier Bearings

Replace your Yamaha YXZ carrier bearing with an aftermarket alternative from Everything Yamaha Offroad! Get a new Yamaha YXZ carrier bearing and Yamaha YXZ carrier bearing greasers for your existing driveshaft bearings all in one place. If you're experiencing annoying vibrations or misalignments while driving, it might be time to replace your carrier bearing. Don't wait any longer to fix the issue � check out Everything Yamaha Offroad's selection today!

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Don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of cost and procure your Yamaha YXZ carrier bearings from Everything Yamaha Offroad! No matter how you ride and regardless of the terrain conditions where you ride, the Yamaha YXZ carrier bearings we sell will handle it all! Many riders like to run solid driveshaft carrier bearings made from materials like billet aluminum, while others prefer two-piece carrier bearings or carrier bearings with isolated rubber hoops to mitigate vibration and movement. Whichever type of prop shaft carrier bearing you’re after, we almost certainly carry it here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. And because our shipping times and fulfillment speeds are the quickest around, you won’t be left waiting around for your parts to show up!

Damaged, broken, and worn out Yamaha YXZ carrier bearings are one thing, but even a perfectly functional carrier bearing might still produce unnatural noises. In most cases, this is due to a lack of grease. So to combat the issue, we sell Yamaha YXZ carrier bearing greasers! If your propeller shaft is aligned, balanced, and properly phased but you’re still experiencing issues, your Yamaha YXZ carrier bearing is most likely at fault. Luckily, solutions exist, and they can all be found quickly, easily, and affordably at Everything Yamaha Offroad! Be it a complete Yamaha YXZ carrier bearing and housing replacement that includes gaskets, bearings, and everything else, or a Yamaha YXZ carrier bearing rebuild kit to bring your existing carrier bearing back from the brink of death, we’ve got you covered with whatever it is you need at Everything Yamaha Offroad!