Drive Belts

The Yamaha YXZ is unlike any other sport side-by-side on the market. One of the major differences is that it does not use a belt-driven CVT like many other models. Instead, it comes equipped with a sequential direct drive transmission that eliminates the need for gear reductions or drive belts. This specialized transmission keeps the vehicle running smoothly without the common issues associated with drive belts. Yamaha YXZ owners can enjoy a hassle-free ride without having to worry about belt maintenance or malfunctions. This transmission is specifically designed to provide a reliable and powerful performance for avid off-road enthusiasts. Thanks to Yamaha's unique approach to transmission, the YXZ stands out as an exceptional option for those searching for a quality sport side-by-side.

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The drive belt is one of those pesky little components on your Yamaha YXZ that you don’t realize how much you need until it breaks. The Yamaha YXZ’s stock drive belt is not exactly built to last, so you shouldn’t be surprised if and when it breaks down on you. And when it does, you and your Yamaha YXZ aren’t going anywhere. That’s why you should consider replacing your Yamaha YXZ’s stock drive belt with one of the aftermarket UTV drive belts we have here at Everything Yamaha Offroad. We have all the best aftermarket side by side drive belts for the Yamaha YXZ from all the best brands. These drive belts are built much stronger than stock drive belts to last much longer. By upgrading your Yamaha YXZ with an aftermarket drive belt, you can finally start pushing your Yamaha YXZ to its limits without worrying about suffering a busted drive belt.

G Boost makes some great heavy-duty drive belts for the Yamaha YXZ. Check out the Yamaha YXZ Severe Duty Drive Belt by G Boost. This heavy-duty drive belt is made from Kevlar fiber, making it extremely durable, stretch resistant, and heat resistant up to 300 degrees. These are some of the strongest aftermarket Yamaha YXZ drive belts money can buy. Another good side by side drive belt we have here is the Yamaha YXZ Severe Duty Drive Belt by EPI. These belts feature a deep double cog style to reduce clutch heat. Give your Yamaha YXZ a drive belt that will last with one of the aftermarket UTV belts you see here.