Engine Performance

Replacing your engine oil as needed will help increase the longevity of your motor, but when it comes to Yamaha YXZ engine performance accessories, you simply cannot beat the Yamaha YXZ engine rebuild kits and engine upgrades from Everything Yamaha Offroad. We offer Yamaha YXZ engine performance parts that provide a variety of benefits, such as more HP, torque boosts, and lower operating temps!

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Especially in the case of the race-ready Yamaha YXZ, it’s a bit easy to get lost in the more glamorous side of Yamaha YXZ engine performance accessories, but boosting and upgrading is only part of the picture. If you can’t gauge how your engine is performing, with or without crowd-pleasing upgrades, then it’s going to be much tougher to make the adjustments you need to make to optimize longevity and performance. So, yes, we have plenty of awesome piston kits and boost-ready engine kits from brands like Moose and Weller Racing, but before you catch redline fever, remember the practical side of Yamaha YXZ performance accessories. That means getting your Yamaha YXZ hour meter, shaft seal, and oil seal game on point to name just a few important upgrades.

As is our practice, we’ve made sure that every single Yamaha YXZ engine performance accessory in this category will seriously outperform your stock capabilities. And if it’s not an upgrade on stock, it better add a layer of utility that changes your experience for the better. That’s why we only feature the best Yamaha YXZ engine performance kits and parts from the best brands to ever do it in the aftermarket UTV accessory. Whether you’re looking for a turbo kit that transforms your buggy into a seriously speedy machine or if you just want to get a closer handle on how your ride is performing, everything you need is here. Don’t just boost your engine performance, take control of it with this comprehensive set of Yamaha YXZ engine performance accessories.