Fender Flares and Protection

At Everything Yamaha Offroad, you can find high-quality fenders, fender flares, and fender kits for your Yamaha YXZ that will protect it from mud, water, dust, and other debris. From front fenders to rear fenders and even fender bolts, we've got you covered. Our Yamaha YXZ fenders are designed to withstand the toughest off-road conditions, making them the perfect upgrade for your vehicle. Shop our selection of Yamaha YXZ fenders, fender flares, and fender kits today and give your ride the protection it needs to tackle any terrain.

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Why stop at the cab when you can intercept all that meddling mud, dust, sand, and other debris closer to the source with a Yamaha YXZ fender kit? With the right set of Yamaha YXZ rock or mud guards, splash guards, or other accessory from our collection, you can clear up your riding experience for a much less abrasive experience. We offroad trekkers are a surly breed to be sure, not afraid of a little mud or sand here or there, but when you’re really “in it,” as they say, a steady stream of debris directly in your face doesn’t exactly enhance the experience. To keep nature’s little surprises at a more sensible level with equally practical and efficient Yamaha YXZ fender flare extension and rock guard kits from brands like Dragon Fire Racing and Rockblokz, check out our awesome collection. 

Of course, you don’t just want to throw any old slab of plastic between you and an ongoing assault of rocks and what have you, which is why we make sure our materials are as durable as they are flexible. Why is flexibility important? Let’s phrase it this way: is it easier to dent a sponge or a solid sheet of metal? The precision-engineered Yamaha YXZ rock guards, fender protection kits, and other accessories in our collection are designed to give just the right amount upon impact, minimizing the impact force and preserving the integrity of the part so you don’t see swiss cheese the next time you check under there. Speaking of, these Yamaha YXZ fender flare and protection kits are made to fit perfectly around your a-arms, shocks, CV boots, and other components. Why? Because unlike the “one-size-fits-all” peddlers, we’re here for you and your exact vehicle as UTV enthusiasts ourselves.