Fire/Medical Rescue

Combat UTV fires with a Yamaha YXZ fire extinguisher and turn your rig into the ultimate rescue vehicle with the other Yamaha YXZ fire and rescue accessories from Everything Yamaha Offroad! From communications gear to optimize your team’s collaboration to beacon lights and flood lights for search and rescue missions that take place at night, pick up all the best Yamaha YXZ firefighting and rescue accessories you require from Everything Yamaha Offroad today!

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We all know UTVs are both fun and practical, but what higher calling could there be for your vehicle (or you, for that matter) than to potentially save someone’s life? Whether you’re simply looking for a basic Yamaha YXZ fire protection kit to protect your own passengers or if you need something more extensive that will allow you to mount up and fight fires and/or save someone else, our comprehensive Yamaha YXZ fire and medical rescue collection accommodates any level of fire protection you need. We’ve got Yamaha YXZ fire extinguishers with stock-compatible mounts featuring quick-release capabilities as well as Yamaha YXZ medical beds if you need to safely transport someone to receive urgent medical care. Considering these are literally life-saving products, you know we took each and every one very seriously.

What exactly does that look like, you ask? How about a quick-release fire extinguisher kit from Assault Industries constructed from aircraft-grade billet aluminum? Or, a handy Yamaha YXZ first aid kit complete with decals and medical supplies by Savage UTV? In every category of Yamaha YXZ search and rescue accessories, we’ve committed ourselves to bringing you the greatest possible solution so you can protect yourself and the ones you care about. Durability, fitment, and performance - we don’t compromise an inch in any of these areas so you don’t have to. And if the person you’re rescuing is a complete stranger, then know you’ve fulfilled the ultimate goal of UTV riding: to build community with and help the people around you.