Fuel Packs and Mounts

Looking for a way to extend your Yamaha YXZ's fuel range? Everything Yamaha Offroad has you covered with their selection of fuel packs and fuel pack mounts. These external gas tanks, gas cans, and Yamaha YXZ jerry cans offer the ability to take longer, multi-day rides without worrying about running out of gas. Even if you don't have a long trip planned, having a backup fuel source can provide peace of mind. Don't let fuel limitations hold you back, ride further, longer, and harder with the help of Everything Yamaha Offroad.

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Especially if you’ve taken a few liberties on the performance end, it’s never a bad idea to increase your fuel-carrying capacity. A dependable and well-engineered Yamaha YXZ fuel pack and mount kit, whether you need a Yamaha YXZ fuel tank, gas can holder, lock-and-ride gas can or what have you, can open up a whole new realm of possibilities. You can journey farther into uncharted territory or burn that many more laps without having to worry about puttering out and doing the “walk of shame” back to base or calling for help. But as always, simply settling for flimsy or generic products can land you in a world of trouble - especially when fuel storage is on the line. That’s why we’ve ensured that this category of Yamaha YXZ fuel packs and mounts hails to you from the titans of the Aftermarket UTV accessory industry. Melodrama aside, these Yamaha YXZ fuel accessories are exactly what you need to expand your fuel storage capacity safely and reliably.

It might be simple enough to bring a gas can along in that roomy truck of yours, but UTVs require a bit more finesse for their “spatially challenged” and “jovially bouncy” nature. You need something that’s going to mount up, hold like a champ, and not give, no matter what kind of craziness you drive headlong into. Hence, here we are with extra capacity gas tanks, super heavy-duty mounts, convenient tank tags, and other Yamaha YXZ fuel packs and mount accessories from brands like Hardline Products and Trail Tank. Find your best solution, mount up, and get back out there.