Heat Shields

Find Yamaha YXZ heat shields, Yamaha YXZ head deflectors, and other Yamaha YXZ heat blocking accessories at the lowest prices around from Everything Yamaha Offroad! Keep engine heat out of your cab and exhaust heat out of your bed with one of the many great Yamaha YXZ heat shields available at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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It’s not a design flaw, it’s a sign of good times - that Yamaha YXZ runs hot because it was meant to. But just because she’s going to do what she’s going to do, doesn’t mean you can’t prepare yourself for the betterment of your ride’s overall longevity. If this is your first time, Yamaha YXZ heat shields (at least good ones) are much more versatile than some rigid slab of material you force onto a surface. A high-quality Yamaha YXZ heat shield collection includes both in-cab and engine compartment solutions that actually contour to fit surfaces, including wires. We also have heat-resistant Yamaha YXZ accessories like stainless steel locking ties, exhaust wrap, self-vulcanizing fire tape, and more. If you don’t see this kind of variety, then it’s time to move on. 

But getting into the raw specs a bit more, what exactly makes for a high-quality Yamaha YXZ heat shield? As modeled perfectly by Design Engineering’s Bodywork Protection Kit,a top-drawer Yamaha YXZ heat shield is made from lightweight, form-fitting material complete with a reflective barrier for superior radiant heat protection. Thanks to this versatile design, you can use the barrier on air boxes, seat pans, rear fenders, and much more. This shield and the others like it in this category can withstand temperatures of up to 1750 degrees, and will perfectly replace OEM shielding without the fuss. That’s what superior design and construction will do for you - fitment, durability, and convenience with no compromises along the way. Get a Yamaha YXZ heat shield and feel (well, don’t feel) the difference.

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