Stay cozy and comfortable during long winters in cold climates with Yamaha YXZ heaters, windshield defrosters, and cab heaters from Everything Yamaha Offroad. Our vast selection includes a Yamaha YXZ 1000 heater, Yamaha YXZ 1000r heater, and all the necessary components like thermostats, hoses, and duct kits. Don't let winter weather keep you from enjoying your ride, invest in quality heating products from Everything Yamaha Offroad. Shop now and experience the warmth and comfort you deserve!

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If you want to really achieve full dominance over both the terrain and your riding experience, then it’s time to stop dreading the cold and take charge with one of these highly acclaimed Yamaha YXZ heaters from the best brands in the aftermarket UTV accessory biz. In the 2020s and beyond, there’s no excuse for settling for “yeah, I think I can - brrr - feel it now” as you wait twenty minutes into your ride to get feeling in your fingers. You want a heater that will fill your cabin up with warmth and keep it that way. And if you think you’re stuck to some clunky unit that’s going to take up half your cab, we’ve got plenty of space-saving powerhouses ready to go from brands like Moose, Inferno Cab Heaters, Road Pro, and more. 

Looking for something you can hook up just about anywhere and forget about (until it saves your life)? We’ve got 12-volt heaters and defrost-capable units that will warm that Yamaha YXZ up in no time without draining your power in two seconds or hogging up all the room. As usual, we’ve made sure to include all the hardware and accessories you need for a seamless installation and a healthy maintenance schedule. Whatever kind of Yamaha YXZ heater you’re looking for, we have plenty of options available to make your next wintry ride a much more bearable one. The only bone-chilling sensation you should feel is the rush of the ride as you whip through the trail.