Lighting and Electrical

Everything Yamaha Offroad offers a wide range of lighting accessories and electrical accessories for Yamaha YXZ riders. Whether you need Yamaha YXZ light bars, lighted whips, halo lights, chase lights, or flood lights, you can find them all here. These lighting accessories ensure better visibility and situational awareness, making cruising around at night or riding at dawn much easier and safer. Everything Yamaha Offroad also provides Yamaha YXZ front, rear, and side lights to improve visibility from all angles. So if you want to enhance your riding experience, check out Everything Yamaha Offroad and get the best lighting and electrical accessories for your Yamaha YXZ.

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It’s nothing short of astonishing how far Yamaha YXZ lighting and electrical accessories have come in just a few short years, and we’re absolutely here for it. No more messing around with convoluted wiring harnesses and flimsy lights that flicker out on that first bump - today, you can get just about any Yamaha YXZ light bar kit, auxiliary lighting setup, dome light, or tail light you need from a superior brand at a superior quality level. You name it, we have it: Yamaha YXZ backup lights, pod mounts, plugs, switches, strobe light kits, whip lights, chase lights, flood lights, and dozens upon dozens of other options. Of course, it’s really easy to get impractical with these if you don’t take sensible wiring and switch/toggle functionality into account, so we’ve made sure to temper our bright and flashy Yamaha YXZ lights with plenty of savvy switches and harnesses to go with them.

There’s no reason to dread setting up that Yamaha YXZ lighting accessory now, since all our lighting kits come with the hardware you need to make it happen as painlessly as possible. As for the lights themselves, reinforced construction and high-lumen LEDs ensure premium durability and performance through any terrain. As riders ourselves, we know that as many accessories as we love to tack onto these hard-working frames, worrying about each one would most certainly ruin the experience. You’re a big boy or girl now - you don’t have to come back home when the sun goes down. Get out there and have fun with a hard-working Yamaha YXZ lighting and electrical kit.