Long Travel Kits

Everything Yamaha Offroad offers top-notch long travel parts, kits, and components for the Yamaha YXZ. Whether you're in need of Yamaha YXZ fireball long travel kit, Yamaha YXZ Cognito long travel control arms, or a Yamaha YXZ1000r ss long travel kit by HCR racing, skilled riders know where to find the best products. Everything Yamaha Offroad has a vast selection of long travel parts available for the Yamaha YXZ, including Yamaha YXZ long travel axles and complete Yamaha YXZ long travel suspension setups. With these long travel upgrades, Yamaha YXZ riders can push their machines to the limit and take on even the most challenging terrains. If you're looking for high-quality Yamaha YXZ long travel parts and kits, Everything Yamaha Offroad is the place to go!

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From long travel axles and long travel control arms to complete Yamaha YXZ long travel kits by companies such as HCR Racing, LSK Suspension, and Cognito, Everything Yamaha Offroad leads the pack when it comes to long travel upgrades for the Yamaha YXZ! Whether your YXZ is a race car or a play car, the benefits to be had from running a long travel suspension setup are myriad. Not only will you be able to eat whoops, ruts, and bumps for breakfast, but you’ll also get a wider stance for greater stability and a taller ride height for more ground clearance. A popular long travel kit for the Yamaha YXZ 1000r is the Elite package by HCR Racing. This long travel kit grants users over 20 inches of usable travel, as well as four extra inches of both track width and wheelbase length. Unlike other kits, the HCR long travel kit is super light, adding a mere 13 pounds of extra weight to the machine. And because this bolt-on kit includes custom King shocks, trailing arms, and boxed a-arms, you won’t have to swap anything out or add anything before you can get rockin! Achieve the performance you’ve been dreaming about with a Yamaha YXZ long travel kit from Everything Yamaha Offroad!

In addition to the HCR long travel kit, at Everything Yamaha Offroad, we also sell the Yamaha YXZ Fireball long travel kit, the Yamaha YXZ AVID long travel kit, and the Yamaha YXZ Cognito long travel kit. The latter setup is particularly well built, which makes it extremely tough and durable. Not only does it come powder coated with upgraded hardware, but the Cognito long travel kit also includes steel braided brake lines and billet relocation brackets that double as braces for the upper shock towers. Be it Yamaha YXZ 1000r ss long travel kits or run-of-the-mill long travel components like long travel axles and long travel tie rods, we do it all here at Everything Yamaha Offroad!