Mobility Equipment Accessories

Everything Yamaha Offroad offers a range of mobility equipment accessories for the Yamaha YXZ at unbeatable prices! The Yamaha YXZ mobility equipment racks are designed to carry wheelchairs and mobility scooters on the toughest of terrains. These racks come with built-in ramps, multiple anchor points on either side, and the ability to fold up and down, making it convenient to use. Our hitch-mounted mobility equipment carriers for the Yamaha YXZ can fit any standard 2 receiver tongue, which means that you can easily switch from using them on your UTV to your daily driver. Go on and browse our range of mobility equipment accessories to find the perfect one for your vehicle today!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Yamaha YXZ Mobility Equipment Accessories?

Yamaha YXZ Mobility Equipment Accessory Types


For transporting mobility aids like scooters and power chairs, carriers are rather indispensable and thus are very popular.

Yamaha YXZ carriers are specifically engineered for stability and accessibility, ensuring that your essential equipment stays secure across varied terrains, from smooth roads to rugged trails.

They take into account all of the specific aspects tied to the YXZ which makes them the best options you can go for.


At the forefront of Yamaha YXZ aftermarket offerings, you'll discover a spectrum of all kinds of ramps. 

These range from straightforward manual ramps to technologically advanced powered models, each designed to make loading and unloading your mobility devices as effortless as possible, regardless of the environmental challenges or differences in elevation.

Wheelchair Integrations

Customize your Yamaha YXZ with specialized wheelchair integration solutions. For example, you can look for platform lifts and adaptive seating that not only ensure safety and comfort but also maintain the thrill of off-road adventures, effectively merging practicality with excitement.

Adaptable Racks

Continuing on the theme of useful accessories for mobility, Yamaha YXZ adaptable racks are perfect for efficiently storing not just mobility aids but also other outdoor gear. 

These racks maximize storage space without encroaching on passenger comfort, reflecting the vehicle’s capability to adapt to both utility and recreation needs.

Weight and Build Quality

For starters, it's crucial to match the accessory to both the weight of your equipment and your personal requirements. 

Always opt for accessories that can support more than your estimated load to ensure safety under dynamic conditions, like navigating uneven terrain.

Build Materials and Durability 

Choose materials based on their ability to withstand the demands of off-road specific use. Lightweight aluminum offers rust resistance and ease of handling, while robust steel provides unmatched strength, supporting the YXZ’s durable structure.

Advanced Features

Also consider accessories that incorporate special features such as collapsible designs for compact storage, UV-resistant coatings to combat sun damage, or integrated LED lighting to improve visibility. 

These features not only improve the functionality and safety of your Yamaha YXZ but also align with the vehicle’s innovative design, enhancing your overall experience and adding a touch of style to your adventures. 

Selecting the right mobility equipment accessories for your Yamaha YXZ involves understanding the unique benefits of each option and how they contribute to making every journey safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable.