Portal Gear Lifts

Take your Yamaha YXZ to new leagues with our exclusive Yamaha YXZ Portal Gear Lifts collection—your ultimate upgrade for top-notch off-roading!

Tailor-made for the Yamaha YXZ, our portal gear lift kits offer a perfect blend of increased clearance and enhanced performance.

Dive into our lineup of ultra-durable portal gearboxes, toughened axles, and precision-engineered gears, all customized to complement the YXZ’s unique capabilities.

We’ve also included high-quality drain plugs and robust brake lines in our collection, designed to fortify your YXZ’s endurance and handling on every terrain!

Lift your Yamaha YXZ above the competition and experience performance like never before. Gear up today and place your order!

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Side by side lift kits have come a very long way in a short amount of time, now offering much more responsible ways to achieve a solid lift and get a performance-optimized gear reduction in one shot. But how you do it and where you get it is still very important for minimizing the chance of encountering any issues down the line, which is why this category is just as serious as it is fun. It’s time to talk Yamaha YXZ portal gear lifts people, and boy, do we have a lot to say. For starters, are you going to invest in a kit from a seller who doesn’t offer compatible portal gear lift seal and bearing rebuild kits to go with it? That’s quality indicator number one that we simply knew we could not miss as UTV enthusiasts, so rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

Of course, quality and durability of the Yamaha YXZ portal gear lift itself are crucial to getting the job done correctly and sustainably, which is why we only offer the best of the best from battle-tested brands like Cognito and Super ATV. Get a lift kit and/or a repair/accessory kit manufactured under the highest standards out of the most durable, yet adaptable materials so you can know that lift will hold the way that it’s supposed to without thinking “oh no” on every bump. Browse our selection today and find the best Yamaha YXZ portal gear lift that gives you clearance, optimal performance, and peace of mind.