Power Steering Kits

At Everything Yamaha Offroad, you can find all the parts you need for an effortless steering experience. Whether you're looking for replacement power steering components or a complete Yamaha YXZ1000r power steering kit, we've got you covered. We offer a wide range of options, from factory-style EPS parts to 360-watt power steering upgrade kits for the Yamaha YXZ. You can count on us to have everything you need for a smooth ride. Our extensive selection makes it easy to find exactly what you need for your Yamaha YXZ. Shop with us today to experience the best in power steering solutions.

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Simply having power steering isn’t just like checking a box anymore; the difference in quality between well-made Yamaha YXZ electric power steering components and the preponderance of underwhelming products out there is definitely something you can feel on the very first ride. Even if you’re just looking to replace factory power steering components with something that will pop in easily and hold a lot longer, we’ve got a growing selection of Yamaha YXZ power steering kits and individual components to make it a super easy plug-and-chug affair. For example, we and most side by side owners we know lean heavily on the prime selections of Weller Racing for many of our Yamaha YXZ power steering needs because their upgrade kits are simply tops. Between the 4130 chromoly steering shaft, a more malleable torsion bar for smoother operation, fully TIG-welded and bolt-in construction, and many other amenities offered by this amazing kit, we can’t even picture going back to the way it was.

You shouldn’t have to dread making the savvy switch to an industry-leading Yamaha YXZ power steering component and/or upgrade, which is why we’ve made sure these offerings are as easy to install as they are powerful and effective. Whether you’re reaching with that other hand to administer some parental justice to boisterous passengers or if you’re simply managing your in-cab equipment for a second, steering has never been more effortless. Check out our Yamaha YXZ steering kits today and trade in those clunky, creaky turns for frictionless floating!