Prop Shafts

Everything Yamaha Offroad offers a wide variety of Yamaha YXZ prop shafts, drive shafts, and propeller shafts to meet your every need. Whether you want to replace a worn-out shaft or upgrade to a superior aftermarket prop shaft, we have a great selection that will meet your expectations. With our user-friendly website, you can easily find the right Yamaha YXZ prop shaft for your rig. Trust us to deliver superior quality and performance every time. Don't settle for subpar prop shafts that can't withstand the rigors of off-roading. Choose Everything Yamaha Offroad and enjoy the thrill of a smooth, powerful ride. Browse our extensive collection today and discover the right prop shaft for your Yamaha YXZ 1000.

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Strength isn’t the only attribute you should be looking for when cruising for Yamaha YXZ prop shafts, whether you want a stronger-than-factory replacement or a more ambitious upgrade. This is because that hard-working Yamaha YXZ prop shaft needs to transfer all that force to your axle while still allowing for enough play between the axle and gearbox, which means - you guessed it - superior engineering is required to do it right. That and an equally well-designed set of joints will ensure that your buggy has a super solid foundation as far as power transfer and overall performance are concerned. We know it’s not as flashy as that new set of tires or a turbo kit, but believe us, a bum prop shaft will be just as problematic if not more so than when these crowd pleasers decide to quit on you. 

This is one of those cases where we can’t help but get a little preachy about NOT waiting until that loud bang to upgrade, because the often forgotten Yamaha YXZ prop shaft isn’t something you can really limp home on when she goes down. Once you’ve put more than a few miles on stock, it’s never a bad idea to check these incredibly durable, well-designed Yamaha YXZ prop shafts out for prevention and performance enhancement. Find the all-in-one kit you need or a component and you’ll provide yourself with peace of mind as well as a serious upgrade. Browse our collection today, make away with a top-quality selection at a competitive price and feel the difference immediately!