Rack and Pinions

If you're experiencing issues with your steering, it's crucial to fix the problem right away. Everything Yamaha Offroad offers a range of high-quality replacements, including a Yamaha YXZ steering rack, Yamaha YXZ pinion carrier, or a complete Yamaha YXZ rack and pinion kit. These aftermarket solutions are built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy your ride without worrying about the performance of your vehicle. Whether you're an adventurous driver who enjoys tackling varied terrain or prefer cruising on smoother surfaces, you'll be impressed with the strength and durability of our Yamaha YXZ rack and pinion products. Choose from our selection of reliable replacements to get your steering back on track and restore the functionality of your Yamaha YXZ.

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Chalk that loose and shaky steering wheel up to terrain as much as you want - when the denial stage has ended and you’ve come to accept that you need a rack and pinion, there’s no need to be so glum with our selection of top-quality, competitively priced Yamaha YXZ rack and pinion replacements. This isn’t the kind of issue you want to leave for next week (and then the week after, etc.), especially if you like to take on intense terrain and/or race, because once she goes out, she goes out, and it’s not pretty! Thankfully, our Yamaha YXZ rack and pinion replacements, boots, and bushings are here to get you back on the trail sooner and for much longer before any more rack and pinion issues occur. Why so confident? Because we’re bringing you seriously upgraded Yamaha YXZ rack and pinion replacements, steering rack boots, and other components from top-rated brands like Super ATV, All Balls Racing, and more. 

No matter the terrain, who you bring with, or how often you ride, we’ve got ultra-durable and performance-optimized Yamaha YXZ rack and pinion kits and components to make stock functionality seem miles away. As soon as you hook up one of our easily installable kits, you’ll wonder how you ever “hung a Louie” without one. That’s the “curse” of quality, friends and fellow riders, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Once you reach that level of performance, you’ll keep pushing the boundaries until your buggy is the ultimate machine.