Radius Arms

Regardless if you’ve bent a Yamaha YXZ radius arm or are simply looking to upgrade to an aftermarket set of Yamaha YXZ radius arms, we’re here to help on all fronts at Everything Yamaha Offroad! From Yamaha YXZ radius arm bushings to Yamaha YXZ radius arm replacements, you can order it all from Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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For burly aftermarket Yamaha YXZ radius arms, replacement Yamaha YXZ radius arm bushings, and beefed-up Yamaha YXZ radius arm brackets, Everything Yamaha Offroad is the only name you need to know! Our selection of radius arms and radius arm components for the Yamaha YXZ is unrivaled both online and off. It includes box-style Yamaha YXZ radius arms, arched Yamaha YXZ radius arms, as well as front and rear Yamaha YXZ radius arms. If you need a single radius arm replacement, we can assist you with that. Or if you’re after a complete Yamaha YXZ radius arm kit, we have those as well! Don’t let bad and run-down radius arms ruin your riding experience and equip yourself with the best of the best from Everything Yamaha Offroad!

Short course riders, oval ice racers, and backwoods trail rippers can all benefit immensely from aftermarket Yamaha YXZ radius arms. One major advantage to high-clearance radius arms is the extra ride height they give the machine. Instead of scraping up and scratching your skid plates and potentially becoming high centered, with some Yamaha YXZ radius arms installed, you know that if your front end clears, so too will the rear end! The radius arms available at Everything Yamaha Offroad are also much stronger than their stock counterparts. So whether you’re wanting to upgrade the existing Yamaha YXZ radius arms on your rig that are near their end, or looking to replace a broken / damaged radius arm or radius arm component, we can help you in a multitude of ways at Everything Yamaha Offroad!