Radius Rods & Tie Rods

Welcome to the top-notch world of Yamaha XYZ Radius Rods & Tie Rods, where you get to call the shots on how you tackle terrain!

Our selection is crafted to boost your XYZ's stability and agility—think top-of-the-line radius rods and the toughest tie rods on the block. We're also packing upgrades like solid bushings and sturdy mounting brackets.

Time to unlock the beast within your off-road champ with superior hex and steel bar tie rods, unique Z-Bend designs, and rock-solid radius rod enhancements.

Make every journey a power play of strength and control. Snag your Yamaha XYZ Radius Rods & Tie Rods today and become part of something great!

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Above all else, the very least you should be able to rely on from your Yamaha YXZ is consistent responsiveness. When your Yamaha YXZ radius rods or  tie rods are going out, it creates a disconnect between your input and your UTV’s performance, which is very not good. It’s easy to gloss over these non-customer-facing components, but they’re no less important than your suspension, brakes, or tires. Thankfully, if you’re noticing some problems with your steering or if you’re simply looking to get ahead of the issue with a superior Yamaha YXZ tie rod replacement and/or upgrade, we’ve got a solid selection of options for you to choose from. As always, these offerings are coming to you from the best aftermarket UTV accessory brands around, so you can shop in confidence.

Raw strength isn’t the only thing you need for smooth operation when it comes to Yamaha YXZ radius rods. If you want every foot-pound of that torsion to be translated perfectly into performance, you need conscientiously engineered Yamaha YXZ tie rods or radius rods to get the job done consistently. It’s a matter of perfect fitment, flexibility, and strength at the same time, which is why there’s a huge difference between a superior tie rod and what the other guys are selling. Well, we’ve got no intentions of being the “other guys” when it comes to Yamaha YXZ tie rods and other accessories, so take a look around if you want to see it done right!