Roll Bar Handles/Grab Handles

Dominate everything with the best Yamaha YXZ Roll Bar Handles collection, where every solid grip is a connection to your machine!

Our selection features everything from robust, classic designs to cutting-edge, reinforced handles that can take a beating.

For those nocturnal rides, our illuminated handles light the way, ensuring visibility is never compromised. Crafted for comfort and functionality, these handles are designed to provide seamless entry and a secure grip, turning every journey into a masterclass in control.

Enjoy new levels of Yamaha YXZ's functionality and style with a grip that truly understands the needs of an adventurer!

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No matter how well-prepared your UTV is for rugged off-road riding, nothing short of space-age suspension can stop things from getting a little bouncy (and hey, it’s half the fun). Even if you just take her out on mellower terrain for chores or a relaxed jaunt now and then, a solid set of Yamaha YXZ roll bar grab handles can make the difference between a comfortable experience and white-knuckling mayhem. But not all Yamaha YXZ roll bar handles are created equal, and instead of learning that the hard way, we’re here to help you make the right decision the first time. Before you go on thinking “it’s just a grab handle, aren’t they all the same?” it’s time to learn about the difference between catch-all imitators and real, road-worthy, Yamaha YXZ roll bar handles from brands like Klock Works and ATV TEK.

So what really differentiates a quality Yamaha YXZ roll bar handle from the rest? First and foremost, it’s all about toughness. Whether you want ergonomically gripped, heavy-duty fiber or even machined billet aluminum, the main job is to hold tight like no other. Ease of installation (and re-installation when you want to move them) is also hugely important, because hey, it’s a grab handle - it shouldn’t rival your turbo kit for time spent installing. Finally, you need something that can provide a nice aesthetic that fits with your ride, just like these Yamaha YXZ grab handles are designed to fit perfectly for your roll cage. That’s the difference. Grab a set today and feel it for yourself.