Roof Racks


Alright, so you finally scored yourself that awesome aftermarket roof you had your eye on, but if you really want to get the most out of it, hook up a Yamaha YXZ roof rack and get a handle on that clunky equipment banging around your cab. That’s right, we’re not stopping at roofs alone - Everything Yamaha Offroad is bringing you an entire catalog of Yamaha YXZ roof racks from the top brands in the aftermarket UTV accessory industry. Whether you’re looking for flexible grips to carry a multitude of different objects or if you need something a little more proprietary to secure and transport one or more firearms, it’s all here. Depending on your roof’s mounting locations, we’ve got options that will fit just about anywhere you need, staying out of your way and safely hanging onto your belongings while clearing up the cab. When you’re ready to roll, let us know and we’ll hook you up with one of these top-tier Yamaha YXZ roof racks.

What all can these high-quality aftermarket roof racks carry, you ask? Thanks to swiveling and/or adjustable mounts and grips, just about anything under a certain size and weight threshold: firearms, smaller personal effects (phones, wallets, etc.), tools, and a whole lot more. Plus, everything comes with the required installation hardware, and you don’t have to worry about hours and hours of painstaking setup. Bolt on, secure your belongings safely, and ride with a clear cabin and peace of mind. Check out our Yamaha YXZ roof racks and make it happen!