Equip your machine with a soft top, a hard top, or a semi-soft Yamaha YXZ roof top from Everything Yamaha Offroad. From metal Yamaha YXZ roofs made from aluminum and steel, to Yamaha YXZ shade roofs for a lightweight sun-blocking solution, you won’t fail to find a fantastic roof for any occasion when shopping at Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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Just because it goes from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable as you zip along in your Yamaha YXZ with a precision-engineered Yamaha YXA roof. In fact, if you’re racing (or simply joyriding, because hey, that’s what this thing is for), you are definitely going to want the extra layer of protection against rocks and other debris you and your fellow riders are kicking up. But that’s just the beginning, because there are plenty of ways to add a ton of utility and overall value with your aftermarket UTV roof. For example, you can go with a Yamaha XYZ roof with speakers or a stereo, a lock-and-ride roof, lightweight aluminum options, roofs with attachments for racks, and a whole lot more. Plus, as these things keep getting lighter, you can feel better about throwing one on if you’re worried about performance.

With our Yamaha YXZ roof tops, metal roofs, accessories, and every other product category we support, we always make sure to provide options geared toward superior fitment, durability, and utility. This top-rated assortment of Yamaha YXZ soft top, aluminum, and metal roofs from industry-leading brands like Rough Country, EMP, and Motoroof is certainly no exception. If we wouldn’t mount it on our rides, then there’s no way we would offer it to our audience. So, think on your exact specifications and forget the compromises, because here, you can get whatever style, material, and features you want with these top-quality Yamaha YXZ aftermarket roofs and accessories.