Seats and Roll Cage

Ride in comfort and style for years to come with the Yamaha YXZ seats and seat-related accessories from Everything Yamaha Offroad! On top of bumper seats, suspension seats, and bucket seats for the Yamaha YXZ and YXZ1000r SS X-RT, we also provide riders with access to parts like Yamaha YXZ seat brackets, Yamaha YXZ seat covers, and Yamaha YXZ seat mounts!

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Sure, the slick and speedy Yamaha YXZ may not seem like a 4+ person transport at first glance, but staying true to the utility in UTV, we haven’t let that turn us away from this amazing selection of Yamaha YXZ seat and roll cage accessories, and you shouldn’t either if that’s your aim. Now you can share the thrill that comes from all that speed and power with more people, and sensibly, thanks to these impeccably designed Yamaha YXZ bed seat conversion kits, cargo bed seats, rear seat and roll cage kits, and more. We’ve got the best that the aftermarket UTV accessory industry has to offer for Yamaha YXZ rumble seats and more, coming to you from brands like Great Day, Heat Demon, Aces Racing, and more. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about straining your suspension or other aspects of your performance because these highly durable kits are made for your Yamaha YXZ. Speaking of what they’re made of, we’re bringing you aircraft aluminum finished with a deep powder-coat of black enamel, complete with safety belts and all installation hardware.

Even if you’re just poking around to get some new seat covers or to convert to Yamaha YXZ bucket seats, we’ve got plenty of individual options as well as sets with comfortable, heavily reinforced padding thanks to their high-quality construction. Basically, if it has to do with the comfort level of your rear end and those of your passengers, we’re bringing some serious quality to the table. Bring who you want, get comfortable, and blow your hair back as you zip off into the sunset.

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