Skid Plates

At Everything Yamaha Offroad, you can find a wide variety of Yamaha YXZ skid plates and related parts. Whether you need a complete skid plate kit or just some replacement bolts, we have got you covered. Our aftermarket skid plates and replacement components can help protect your vehicle's undercarriage, oil pan, and drivetrain from damage caused by rocks, stumps, and ruts. You can choose from our rear skid plates, front skid plates, or a complete skid plate kit to meet your individual needs. So, don't let harsh terrain damage your vehicle and enjoy a safe ride with the Yamaha YXZ skid plates from Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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Who’s got time to clock every stick and stone in their path when you’re flying along at 50+ miles an hour in your side by side? Take the worry out of your ride with one of these seriously rugged Yamaha YXZ skid plate sets. Whether you’re looking to cover your a-arms with an ultra-durable Yamaha YXZ a-arm skid plate or if you just want to sheathe that entire chassis in armor with a Yamaha YXZ UHMW skid plate set, we’ve got your back with the best products from the best brands. And if they look “involved” on the installation side, let us put your mind at ease - these consumer-focused products from Factory UTV, Ricochet, and Super ATV bolt on with little to no hassle. Why? Here’s the important part: because they were engineered to fit your ride perfectly, and because the people who designed them ride UTVs too.

We prioritize aluminum and UHMW because they are both lightweight and perfect for handling adverse ride conditions, whether it’s a churning furnace of dust and rocks under there or a minefield of jagged branches and roughage. You’re definitely going to take hits - that’s the whole point - but with these Yamaha YXZ skid plates protecting your chassis and/or a-arms, you won’t have to tabulate the damage and/or repair cost each time you hear a particularly loud bang. These plates just ping each road missile back from whence it came like a real suit of armor. Get protected and ride how you want with a Yamaha YXZ skid plate set.