Snorkel Kits

Turn your UTV into a semi-submersible with the Yamaha YXZ snorkel kits and snorkel accessories from Everything Yamaha Offroad. We’ve got Yamaha YXZ intake snorkels, Yamaha YXZ Warrior Risor snorkels, and Yamaha YXZ SYATV snorkels, so no matter how deep things get in the field, you can power through with a Yamaha YXZ1000r snorkel kit from Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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Whether it’s a planned submersion or one of those “thud, splash, oops” situations, if you’re riding in or around even shallow water at any point, we highly recommend preparing your ride with high-quality Yamaha YXZ snorkel gear. This particular category can be very tricky when you’re trolling around the web, however, because unfortunately, there are plenty of shoddily designed imitators that won’t fit your ride or efficiently do their job. Rest assured, our Yamaha YXZ snorkel gear, snorkel gear tools, parts, full kits, and gear replacements are designed by the best brands in the industry to fit your ride perfectly and provide a healthy influx of clean air when you need it most. We’ve got intake snorkels, riser snorkels, and entire kits just ready to turn that land-trekking speedster of yours into an amphibious vehicle.

So, what makes our Yamaha YXZ snorkel kits from brands like SYA Warrior Riser better than the other guys? How about standard removable warrior wear tips that unsnap for cleaning, water repellent material, vent line slots for proper snorkeling of the vent lines, rubber boot connections, and no tuning or jetting required. The entire point is to make these kits as effective and sturdy as possible while keeping them super easy to install and clean, all while sacrificing neither form nor function. That’s what superior engineering and strict quality standards does for you - it stands out. Hook yourself up with a Yamaha YXZ snorkel kit today and never shy away from a little water again.