Spare Tire Mounts

When embarking on short or long trips, packing a spare tire and rim is always a wise precaution. Fortunately, Everything Yamaha Offroad offers Yamaha YXZ spare tire mounts that can help you with just that. Whether you need a cage-mounted carrier or an in-bed rack, we have it all. It's always better to be prepared for any situation, and with our products, you can have peace of mind while out on your adventures. Don't let a flat tire ruin your ride; get one of our Yamaha YXZ spare tire mounts today and enjoy your journey without any worries!

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Most UTV enthusiasts learn all too quickly that, unlike the car/truck scenario, Yamaha YXZ spare tire mounts are much more than a “rainy day” kind of purchase. Both for the ability to bring a spare tire in the first place and to keep it out of the way, these Yamaha YXZ spare tire and wheel carriers, mount kits, hitch mounts, and other clutch (as in life-saving, not your actual clutch) accessories are more of a necessity if you plan on traversing off-road terrain - which is kind of the point. To meet this need, we’ve delivered a seriously competitive selection of extremely rugged Yamaha YXZ spare tire mounts, carriers, and all the accessories you need to simply hook it up and ride off with peace of mind. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about messing up your weight distribution and/or damaging your hitch, because there are no “catch-all” products here; everything is specially made for your Yamaha YXZ.

Whether you just need a simple hitch spare tire mount or if you want a cool swing-away mount that allows easy bed access, we’ve got all kinds of versatile options from Hornet Outdoors, Dragonfire Racing, and more. There’s no need to limit yourself to one or two mounting locations, either. Just a quick scroll through our collection will reveal to you just how many ways and in how many locations you can mount a spare tire and keep it out of the way. On the back of the cabin (enclosure or not, roll cage works too!), in or around your bed, on the rear, racked above your bed, and much more. Simply put, we want you to have complete control. Choose where your Yamaha YXZ spare tire and wheel mount style, mounting location, and accessibility. The only thing you don’t have a say over is the quality and durability, because we don’t back off of the best, even an inch.