Steering Wheels

Find whatever it is you’re seeking, from Yamaha YXZ steering wheels and racing steering wheels to Yamaha YXZ steering wheel adapters and steering wheel hubs, right here at Everything Yamaha Offroad! For a timeless feel, we have leather and swede Yamaha YXZ steering wheels, and to hold horns, switches, and PTT mechanisms, we sell Yamaha YXZ steering wheel plates and button brackets!

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Whatever the vehicle, steering wheels are the perfect example of an upgrade you had no idea you needed until it totally overhauls your riding experience - and Yamaha YXZ steering wheels are certainly no exception. Whether or not that cover (or the material of the steering wheel itself) is chipping off on you, an upgraded Yamaha YXZ steering wheel can work wonders in the way of comfort, responsiveness, and even overall performance. In addition to wheels themselves, we have a broad selection of Yamaha YXZ steering wheel covers, pullers, adapters, hubs, knobs, bushings, and more to make any upgrade and/or repair job a simple, one-stop affair that doesn’t break the bank. If you’re not afraid of a little glam, we even have heated steering wheels to keep your hands from stiffening up in cold weather, which can impair your safety on the trail.

You don’t have to be a hardcore racer to enjoy a pro-grade Yamaha YXZ steering wheel upgrade from Dragonfire, Klock Works, Assault Industries and more. For casual riding and chores too, everybody could do with a bit of extra comfort and responsiveness for those longer rides and unexpected dips. The last thing you want when you have to suddenly seize the wheel and outmaneuver an obstacle is to slip, which is why all of our Yamaha YXZ steering wheels are designed for a perfect grip every time. Whether you’re in the market for a Yamaha YXZ wheel, center cap, quick-release bolt, or what have you, we promise to continue delivering the best the aftermarket UTV accessory industry has to offer so you can ride in safety, comfort, and style.