Storage Covers

If you own a Yamaha YXZ, it's important to keep it safe from wear and tear. At Everything Yamaha Offroad, we offer an extensive range of covers designed specifically for your rig. Whether you need a protective cover for storage or while you're on the go, we have you covered. Our Yamaha YXZ seat covers, shock covers, and floor covers offer superior protection from abrasion and wear, so you can enjoy your ride without worrying about damage to your interior. Our Yamaha YXZ travel covers protect your rig from the elements, ensuring that it stays in top condition. Don't leave your Yamaha YXZ exposed - choose from our wide selection of covers and keep your rig looking and performing its best!

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It’s a bit ironic that a vehicle that was made tough enough to withstand the craziest of off-road conditions can be seriously damaged by a bit of dust and moisture, but that applies to just about everything. While we can’t control the inevitable assault of dust and moisture on your ride while it’s in storage, we can absolutely defend against it with a quality selection of Yamaha YXZ storage covers, cargo covers, storage bags, and more. We understand it can be tempting for new riders especially to throw that generic tarp from the hardware store on your ride and call it a day, but if you’re storing for more than a day or two, that could be the last time you see your baby in good condition. This is because, unlike our Yamaha YXZ storage and cargo covers, a catch-all cover will not seal properly and/or protect against environmental stressors nearly as effectively.

With a top-rated Yamaha YXZ storage cover from brands like Kolpin, Raider, and Moose, however, you can be fully confident upon unveiling your buggy that it will look just as good as when you first stored it. This is because our products feature heavy-duty, water-resistant materials that keep ALL the invaders out, moisture included. Secondly, and perhaps the most important feature of all, is the elasticized seams and tie-downs that allow you to totally lock that UTV in for maximum protection. Simply put, with one of these superior Yamaha YXZ storage covers, the vehicle you put into storage is the exact same one you take out.