Street Legal

Get both Yamaha YXZ street legal accessories as well as Yamaha YXZ road legal accessories from Everything Yamaha Offroad today! For extra safety on the trails or to ride on public roads without breaking the law, you can’t get any better than the Yamaha YXZ street legal parts and street legal kits from Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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Take a breath and welcome - the quest to becoming Yamaha YXZ street legal just got a whole lot easier. What may seem like an intimidating and convoluted checklist at first (some states are worse than others) is just a few clicks when you’re here, because we’ve created a one-stop shop of Yamaha YXZ street legal tires, parking brakes, lighting kits, mirrors and indicators, and more so you can knock out that list with much less hassle. And it’s all coming to you from the best brands to do it no less, like Moose, XTC Power Products, EMP, and more. The first step is to clearly establish your list, which means consulting with your state-level authority on UTV street legality. But whether you’re looking to go street legal in California, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, or another locale, we’ve purposefully set up this collection to hit all the major points these jurisdictions require: lights, tires, brakes, mirrors, plates, and more.

We know that, unless you’re one of the rare types who enjoys it, most UTV riders would much rather be churning up dirt than fiddling with overly complex and low-quality wiring harnesses. That’s why all of our Yamaha YXZ street legal lighting systems and other accessories, even the fancy self-canceling turn signal systems we have on offer, are as easy to set up as possible. Everything you need, including wiring, connectors, and so on, is included, along with easy instructions. Knock out that list in one shot, hook everything up with ease, and ride off in comfort knowing none of it is going to rattle off on you. Just be warned: once you earn Yamaha YXZ street legal status, you will probably become the designated “pizza, beer, and firewood run” person at the campsite.