Switches and Wiring

Simplify your life with the Yamaha YXZ switch panels, switch plates, and rocker switches stocked at Everything Yamaha Offroad. Whether you're turning something on or off, this collection will help you get the job done with ease. Additionally, if you're fond of installing aftermarket accessories or electronics, we've got you covered with our vast array of wiring products designed specifically for the Yamaha YXZ lineup. From Yamaha YXZ accessory wiring to Yamaha YXZ wiring diagrams, we have it all. Upgrade your setup today and experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having easy-to-use switch panels and quality Yamaha YXZ wiring products. Shop with us now!

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Not all side-by-side switches are equal, and when it comes to Yamaha YXZ switches and wiring, things like mud, water, and sand are the enemy! To overcome the elements, you’ll want switch holders that are fully sealed, and UTV switches with waterproof / dustproof boots. And the Yamaha YXZ switch panels, the Yamaha YXZ switch plates, and the Yamaha YXZ switch boxes you’ll find at Everything Yamaha Offroad are all off-road certified and ready to handle whatever you can throw at them! We sell switch panels and 6-gang switch boxes that mount up high under the roof for extra protection, as well as Yamaha YXZ rocker switches made to insert into the dash for ultra convenience. Plus, to help you wire in your switches and electric-powered accessories, we can also sort you out with a Yamaha YXZ wiring diagram / wiring schematics!

Some riders choose to install CAN bus systems with built-in relays like the Auxbeam switch kit, while others prefer simple on-off switches like the ones by Dragonfire Racing, 5150 Whips, and Race Sport Lighting. And to add an additional element of ease to the setup process, getting Yamaha YXZ wiring harnesses with built-in relays and fuses is a major plus! If you’re worried about the longevity of your Yamaha YXZ switches and wiring kits, don’t be, because the stuff we sell is made to withstand the trials and tribulations of the most severe off-road conditions – be it high-PSI water ejected from a foam cannon or pressure washer, blizzard snow storms with gnarly wind chills, dust-filled surroundings, mud, or extreme shock / vibration. No matter if you’re looking for billet automotive-style buttons, a vinyl-wrapped aluminum switch plate, or backlit and labeled Yamaha YXZ rocker switches, you’ll find the precise products you’re after when browsing the top-notch selection at Everything Yamaha Offroad!