Tie-Downs & Trailering/Recovery

Hold anything from coolers and tool boxes to gear bags and your UTV itself with the Yamaha YXZ tie-downs and trailering accessories from Everything Yamaha Offroad! Our selection includes ratcheting tie-down straps, e-track systems, retractable tie-downs, and a whole lot more, so give it a gander and order what you need today!

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Simply perching your cooler or other accessory in that “perfect spot” and counting on it to stay put is a non-starter in the rough and tumble world of side by side riding. The question is, are you willing to learn that the hard way, or will you save that poor six-pack from a terrible fate? This is where Yamaha YXZ tie downs come into play - well, this is just one scenario. From brews to trailers to large and/or uneven loads, our Yamaha YXZ tie down straps, bed tie downs, trailer tie downs, anchors, hooks, and other accessories will keep whatever you’re bringing along safe through any conditions. To fulfill that promise, we only offer the toughest and most well-engineered Yamaha YXZ tie down kits, latch-and-go tie downs, ratchet strap kits, and more from brands like Lonestar Racing and Savage UTV. There are no generic “one size fits all” gimmicks here; these things were made for your ride and your riding conditions. 

Whether you’re looking to start from the ground up with a versatile set of Yamaha YXZ straps and tie downs that will secure just about anything to a more targeted purchase like a trailering accessory or recovery rope, we’ve got exactly what you need at Everything Yamaha Offroad. In addition to full Yamaha YXZ tie-down, trailering, and recovery kits, we carry plenty of accessories to replace and/or upgrade parts in your existing setup. Find exactly what you need today and ride off knowing your haul will stay put - whether it’s a cooler of cold ones, a trailer, or anything in-between.