Tire & Wheel Kits

With Yamaha YXZ wheels and tires for all conditions and every terrain type, there’s no better place than Everything Yamaha Offroad to upgrade your machine’s tires and wheels! We have Yamaha YXZ tire and wheel kits that come with all-terrain tires mounted on beadlock rims, as well as Yamaha YXZ tire and wheel packages designed for rugged trails with gnarly tread patterns and 14” rims!

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Hey, it’s not cheating, it’s a totally legitimate shortcut - these Yamaha YXZ pre-mounted tire and wheel kits are all about saving you time and hassle without compromising an inch (or rather, a foot-pound) of durability or performance. There’s nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you want and enjoying the luxury of having someone else do some of the work, which is exactly what this selection of Yamaha YXZ tires and wheels, rims, street tire and wheel sets, and more are all about. Whether you’re looking to bumble along the trail and/or street in style or if you need something even more rugged for harsher terrain, our Yamaha YXZ tire and wheel sets are here to deliver at a competitive price.

This star-studded cast of Yamaha YXZ tire and wheel kits comes to you from the best brands in the biz, like STI and Maxxis. We’ve got Machined Comp Lock Beadlock Wheels and Radial Tires rated to handle loads of up to 1200 pounds or even greater as well as HD6 machined wheels that will handle just about any terrain.  Moreover, versatility is a top priority here, which is why we opted for design features like larger lug holes to accommodate 17mm hex lugs, bolt-on center caps, and more. Especially if you’re limping along on stock, you’re going to notice a huge difference on the first ride and thereafter with the perfect set of Yamaha YXZ pre-mounted tires and wheels. Find the best set for you and seize control of your riding experience.