Explore a wide range of tire options for your Yamaha YXZ at Everything Yamaha Offroad! Whether you need replacement stock tires or aftermarket tires designed for specific terrains such as dirt, mud, sand, or street, we have got you covered. Our product line includes Yamaha YXZ paddle tires and sand tires that are perfect for shredding on the beach or dunes. Additionally, our Yamaha YXZ mud tires offer excellent traction for wet and slippery trails. Don't let the terrain limit your adventures with your Yamaha YXZ, browse our selection of tires and tire kits to take on any challenge. Choose Everything Yamaha Offroad for quality, durable, and reliable Yamaha YXZ tires.

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The ultimate crowd pleaser and performance booster in one, everybody (except the unsuspecting rider who just had a blowout) loves Yamaha YXZ tire shopping, and for good reason. With a single purchase, you can totally change the aesthetic of your ride, equip it to handle extreme riding conditions, and if you do it right, seriously boost your performance wherever you ride. Naturally, options abound, from Yamaha YXZ all-purpose tire and rim kits, mud tires, street tires, sand tires, paddle tires, and all kinds of sizes and load ratings to choose from. Whether you need something bigger to accommodate that lift kit you just got or if you’re looking for something specialized to the type of terrain you ride on most, our Yamaha YXZ tires from brands like Fuel Off-Road, Maxxis, and QuadBoss will get the job done and then some.

Here’s a snapshot of the quality differentiators you can expect to find in this category: ultra-durable 6-ply or even greater construction, expertly engineered lugs, treads, guards, rims, and other features, and load ratings approaching a metric ton. And if you’re worried about a Yamaha YXZ tire upgrade pigeonholing you into one kind of riding, never fear, because you can still go all-purpose and upgrade at the same time. “I can do anything better than you can,” say these Yamaha YXZ tires to your stock set, and believe us, they make good on this claim. Swap out those factory donuts, find the perfect set for you, and experience the difference of a top-tier Yamaha YXZ tire the second they hit the ground.