Wheel Spacers & Adapters

Go wider with your wheelbase or run rims that don’t conform to the factory Yamaha YXZ bolt pattern with the Yamaha YXZ wheel spacers and wheel adapters from Everything Yamaha Offroad! Whether you own a 2016 Yamaha YXZ, a 2019 Yamaha YXZ, or a 2022 Yamaha YXZ, if you need wheel spacers or rim adapters in any size or style, the one place to remember is Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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The perfect example of a relatively simple upgrade that can go very right or very wrong depending on the product you use is the Yamaha YXZ wheel spacer kit. If you’re looking to extend your wheel base with as little impact to your steering geometry as possible while preserving the integrity of your bearings, then you’ll want to make darn sure you choose the right Yamaha YXZ wheel spacer kit. How do you know what that looks like, you might ask? Here we model it with our collection of Yamaha YXZ wheel spacers and adapters from brands like ModQuad, EPI, and Quad Boss. These spacers are precisely engineered for fitment and durability, thanks to the billet aluminum construction and superior design. Especially if you’re staying under 2” of spacing, these will greatly decrease your chances of experiencing the above issues because they were made for your Yamaha YXZ, and made well.

Looking to convert your 4 x 110 pattern to fit 4 x 156 wheels? Hit two birds with one stone by increasing your wheel base while making this convenient conversion using one of our Yamaha YXZ wheel spacer adaptor sets. Once again, no compromises were made in the selection of our product, and we hope you take the same approach to this and all other upgrades for your vehicle. Get the spacing you need without the regret using these battle-tested Yamaha YXZ wheel spacers, adapter kits, and more, and ride on knowing your setup will hold through thick and thin.