Keep on riding and do it better than ever before with the Yamaha YXZ wheels and rims from Everything Yamaha Offroad! Be it Yamaha YXZ 14” wheels, Yamaha YXZ beadlock rims, or Yamaha YXZ steel wheels, all kinds of stock as well as aftermarket wheels for the Yamaha YXZ can be obtained from Everything Yamaha Offroad!

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That sweet set of tires you just got won’t do you much good if you don’t have an equally well-engineered set of Yamaha YXZ wheels to support them, which is why our library of Yamaha YXZ wheels is filled with the best options on the market. Whether you need Yamaha YXZ 15”, 14”, or 12” rims, we’ve got precision-machined bead lock wheels, steel wheels, glossy stunners, and more from industry-leading brands like Moose, Boss, and Sedona just ready to go. Specially engineered for your ride and your tires, these wheels will hold like no other and absorb all those heavy impacts without affecting your performance. They’re rated to handle seriously high loads, while their lightweight construction doesn’t slow you down. That’s the difference between top-drawer engineering and just shoving out one widget after another - no compromises.

Ready to talk specs? Get ready for a mouthful, because these Yamaha YXZ wheels are loaded with tons of amazing features. From the heavy-duty aluminum construction to the dual-drilled beadlock design (no more snapping bolts off!), these wheels are made to stay put and keep everything in place no matter what. They also feature snap-in wheel caps for convenience, a wide variety of diameters compatible with most UTV bolt patterns, and more. Many of these Yamaha YXZ wheels have been proven race-worthy time and time again by, well, their frequent use by professionals in races. We mean it when we say we offer the best of the best Yamaha YXZ wheels you can buy. Next time you’re at a race, just take a peek at what the riders are rocking inside of those tires. Look familiar?