Whip Lights & Flags

Light up the night or fly a flag during daytime with the Yamaha YXZ lighted whips and flags from Everything Yamaha Offroad! Our Yamaha YXZ whip lights, whip mounts, and flag mounts are the strongest around, which means that they won’t bend, break, or deform no matter how gnarly things get!

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Rated to withstand the seizmik equivalent of a small earthquake and mighty stylish to boot, these Yamaha YXZ whip lights and flags add much more than a touch of class to that hard-working buggy of yours. Thanks to this broad selection of top-tier Yamaha YXZ whip mounts, flag mounts, and full whip/flag kits, you can increase both daytime and nighttime visibility with an aesthetically pleasing accent. Whether you want to go with a classic flag or a more sophisticated LED whip is up to you, but if you’re more of a night rider, we recommend the latter. Of course, you can go with a lighted flag as well, because those are absolutely a thing now! And as mentioned, if you’re just looking to upgrade or swap out a Yamaha YX whip mount or flag mount, we’ve got ultra-sturdy and versatile mounts with quick release and folding capabilities ready to go.

These flags aren’t just flags - and the same goes for the whips. We’ve got all manner of folding and easily storable flags as well as super-sophisticated lighted whips that integrate with your smartphone to deliver hundreds of settings and features at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to locate your roving base after a fun-filled morning of mushroom picking or if you want to make sure other riders/racers can clearly see you through the dust and/or fog, we’re ready for every application. All you have to do is choose the best Yamaha YXZ whip light and/or flag for you.