Winch Accessories

Everything Yamaha Offroad offers a range of winch accessories for the Yamaha YXZ. Apart from winch mounts, winch plates, and winch brackets, we also provide winch-related accessories like tree savers, snatch blocks, and winch hooks. Our collection also includes winch dampers and stoppers for extra protection. If you need replacement winch components, we have winch rollers, fairleads, and lines to get you back on track. Everything Yamaha Offroad is your one-stop destination for all your YXZ winch accessory needs.

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As much as that primadonna of a life-saving winch seems built for the spotlight, it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome at it’s job without the support of a hard-working cast of Yamaha YXZ winch accessories. While the winch gets to impressively save the day, pulling a vehicle out of the muck in front of aghast onlookers, these Yamaha YXZ winch mounts, brackets, plates, replacement/upgrade parts, straps, and other pieces toil away silently to make sure of a couple things. First, that each rescue is a successful one, and second, that your winch doesn’t crap out after one or two uses. It also doesn’t hurt to stabilize the heck out of your mounting location so as to not damage anything on your ride, eh? Let’s take a look at how the best brands in the industry make this happen in our selection of Yamaha YXZ winch accessories and parts.

Get that rope replaced with an ultra-durable synthetic rope by Super ATV if you want more confidence on each rescue, and adding to that effect is a ridiculously tough clevis hook by rough country. The same goes for our Yamaha YXZ winch cushions, fairleads, brackets, and more - everything is made to strengthen your winch while supporting it for a safe rescue every time. Even Yamaha YXZ winch accessories not directly involved in the pull like accessory bags and covers are integral to supporting your winch’s longevity in different ways. This is why our category contains more than 50 options for Yamaha YXZ winch accessories, parts, mounts, brackets, remotes, stops, straps, and more - we want you to have complete control over the longevity and performance of that hard-working winch.