OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Yamaha Viking

May 14th 2024

OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Yamaha Viking

Most of us, when we think about achieving total control over our Yamaha Vikings, picture snazzy suspension upgrades and new tires. But the true “endpoint” of the vehicle, where it merges with its operator, is the steering wheel - and trust us when we say that the battle for control can absolutely be won or lost on this hill. This is why we take our Yamaha Viking steering wheel size and accessory collection very seriously. We know that so-so steering wheels can leave performance on the table, which is the last thing you want when zipping around in that UTV. That’s why we offer only the best Yamaha Viking steering wheels and accessories from brands like PRP Seats, Assault Industries, Dragonfire, and more. Come on in and achieve total control today!

Experience Comprehensive Control

When’s the last time you considered how the contouring, construction, and covering of your steering wheel has been (positively or negatively) affecting your Yamaha Viking riding experience? Again, we get that it’s more of a “background item” for most people, but nonetheless, upgrading with an Assault Industries Leather Steering Wheel or the several other premium-grade options in our selection can significantly up your game with superior rigidity, billet aluminum and stainless center plates, ergonomic contouring, and more. We also offer all of the hubs and adapters you need to be compatible with all the brands of steering wheels we offer.

                                            A Yamaha Viking Leather Steering Wheel by Assault Industries, uninstalled and pictured against a blank background, bearing the Assault Industries logo on the center cap.

D-Shaped vs Standard Steering Wheels: What You Need to Know

Where standard street cars require more than one full turn of the steering wheel to go from one extreme of the range to the other (aka, locked out in a right-hand turn to locked out in a left-hand turn), UTV owners without this constraint can opt for D-shaped steering wheels for additional legroom. D-shaped steering wheels like this one from Assault Industries offer a perfect example of a space-saving alternative to the standard circular wheel that is still loaded with game-changing features, including ergonomic contouring, a high-quality leather covering, sport grips, and much more.

A Full Suite of Yamaha Viking Steering Wheel Accessories

Yamaha Viking steering wheels are just the beginning! Also included in our collection are Yamaha Viking steering wheel bolt kits, steering wheel hubs/adapters, center caps, and many other accessories to spice up your OEM or replacement steering wheel with elevated style and functionality.

                                                        A Yamaha Viking Billet Hub Adapter by DRT Motorsports, uninstalled and pictured against a blank background.

As usual, we hold these products and brands to the same standards of quality and durability as the rest of our collection. So, shop in confidence knowing you truly are browsing the best Yamaha Viking steering wheels and accessories out there!