​Everything You Need To Know About Yamaha YXZ Exhausts, Mufflers, And Tail Pipes

Jan 1st 2022

There are several reasons why riders choose to upgrade their Yamaha YXZ exhaust systems – and achieving a deeper rumble or more throaty / raspy sound is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to sounding badass, full exhaust systems for the Yamaha YXZ 1000r also deliver horsepower gains, increases in torque, and reductions in engine temperatures, while exhaust-related accessories such as ECU tuners, block off plates, and smog pump deletes exists that help to you squeeze even more performance out of your side-by-side. Be it a Yamaha YXZ slip-on exhaust, a complete aftermarket Yamaha YXZ 1000 exhaust kit, or some other Yamaha YXZ 1000r exhaust mod, here is what every YXZ owner should know about Yamaha YXZ exhausts, mufflers, and tail pipes!

Aftermarket Exhaust Systems For The Yamaha YXZ

There are plenty of options out there for Yamaha YXZ exhausts and exhaust-related accessories. Some riders choose to place all their chips on a single company, while others opt to mix and match exhaust components from disparate sources for a system that leverages the advantages of more than. one company. An example of the former would be Weller Racing’s full exhaust system with a Weller ECU tune and a Weller block off plate, but you could also couple the Weller tune with an exhaust from DASA Racing, or get the DASA Full exhaust and programmer with a Weller smog delete. The potential permutations are myriad, with the main limiter being the thickness of your wallet!

The stainless steel Yamaha YXZ exhaust system by Vance & Hines, for example, is a pricey setup for sure, but the HP gains it provides makes it a steel for speed demons. Although the Vance And Hines exhaust kit comes with a muffler, a header, and an easily-removable quiet core insert, its four-figure price tag can be hard to justify.

Yamaha YXZ full exhaust systems like Stage 5 by Trinity Racing are slightly less expensive, and the dual Yamaha YXZ Gibson exhaust is cheaper still – that is, if you’re in need of an exhaust for a 2016 Yamaha YXZ, a 2017 Yamaha YXZ, or a 2018 Yamaha YXZ. For optimal performance, however, an exhaust alone won’t cut it: you must also install an ECU tuner.

When coupled with a Graves tune, the Yamaha YXZ Graves exhaust is hard to beat. It’s loud… but not too loud. Imagine a street bike at 11,000 RPM, and that’s basically what a Graves exhaust sounds like. But this exhaust isn’t all bark, it has a bite to back it up. Simply load the unrestricted full exhaust tune from Graves and you’ll be flying everywhere you go!

Aside from Graves, Trinity, and DASA, Yamaha YXZ GYTR exhausts, Yamaha YXZ HMF exhausts, and Yamaha YXZ 1000r exhausts by Fuel Moto are also popular. The latter's 3 Series Exhaust has a stainless steel header and a titanium muffler with changeable discs for sound and back pressure. And because it gives riders an additional 15 wheel horsepower, it would still be a best-seller even if it sounded like garbage!

For riders who seek improvements in performance without extra increases in noise, the Silent But Deadly Yamaha YXZ exhaust by Alba Racing is a top choice. The SBD exhaust deepens the tone of your exhaust, and it only increases your rig’s sound output by 4db. Plus, because the headers on Alba exhausts for the Yamaha YXZ are designed to fully integrate with slip-on exhausts and exhaust tips from other manufacturers, the possibilities are sky-high!

Yamaha YXZ Slip-On Exhausts

For some riders, exhaust systems with replacement headers are just not worth it. And for said individuals, Yamaha YXZ slip-on exhausts are usually more than sufficient. Many of the companies that make full Yamaha YXZ exhaust systems – like Trinity Racing, Akrapovic, Graves Motorsports, etc. – also make slip-on Yamaha YXZ exhausts.

The slip-on exhausts for the Yamaha YXZ by Empire Industries are a good middle-zone compromise. They’re a bit lighter and more powerful than the stock exhaust configuration, but they're less expensive. They also don’t offer as much of a punch as Yamaha YXZ exhaust systems that come with performance-style header replacements, but they're much easier to install!

Ancillary Yamaha YXZ Exhaust Accessories

Trinity Racing and several other aftermarket exhaust makers sell inserts for the muffler section of their exhausts that quiet things down some, and you can get aftermarket heat shields / heat deflectors for any exhaust system that runs on the hot side. As we mentioned earlier, ECU programmers and aftermarket exhausts go hand in hand. And unlike custom reflashes, ECU tuners allow you to make changes ad hoc and on the fly!

Concluding Remarks On Yamaha YXZ Exhausts

Like any aftermarket modifications, it pays to do your homework before installing a Yamaha YXZ exhaust kit. Nothing is foolproof, and if you replace the exhaust yourself, you could accidentally cause reductions in performance rather than gains. If you don’t understand how to use the software on an exhaust kit with an ECU tuner, your flash might not take. And if you don’t flash the ECU properly, you can experience a lagging throttle response, rich or lean fuel-to-air mixtures, or improper cam timing. For the most part, it’s quite easy to install a Yamaha YXZ exhaust. But if you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Everything Yamaha Offroad and we’ll walk you through it step by step!