Introducing the New Yamaha RMAX Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Feb 15th 2024

Introducing the New Yamaha RMAX Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

A quick shoveling after a snowfall might do just fine in “the burbs,” but if you’ve got more ground to (un)cover, then we’ve got the ultimate lineup of Yamaha RMAX Snowblowers by Bercomac to make the job so much easier. This robust, meticulously engineered selection of snowblowers prioritizes safety, versatility, and raw power at the forefront. Speaking of, let’s start our breakdown of the key features with the most important item: safety.

Safety First

Every size option within this selection of snowblowers (see below) takes safety seriously, utilizing a 3 shear bolt safety system so you can stop worrying - even if it’s your first time. Adding an element of enhanced longevity as well is the single-belt system, taking advantage of the hearty BX 55 belt to drastically extend the lifespan of these snowblowers. That means fewer trips to the garage, less money out of your pocket, and an even lower chance of breaking down while you’re clearing your property.

A Wide Range of Sizes and Motor Options

If you’ve been riding side-by-sides for a while, regardless of weather conditions, you are well aware of how narrow the trail (or “not trail,” for the true off-roaders) can get, which makes every inch an important consideration when it comes to accessories that affect your overall width. Keeping this consideration a priority, these Yamaha RMAX Snowblowers by Bercomac come available in a wide variety of sizes, including 48”, 54”, 66”, and 72” options.

                                  A front-oblique, close-up view of a Yamaha RMAX Snowblower by Bercomac, installed on a vehicle and parked on snowy terrain.

Further increasing your options are several choices of motor size, including motor-less versions that allow you to install your own. You can opt for the 15 HP motor (available for the 48” and 54” sizes) or the 22 HP motor (available for the 54”, 66”, and 72” sizes). Finally, the extendible frame (from 73” to 112” in the case of the 54” snowblower) adds an even greater element of versatility. Simply put, there really is something for everyone in this lineup of Bercomac snowblowers.

Power and Precision

At the heart of this snowblower is a centrally installed motor, providing optimal balance for seamless snow clearing. The versatile Yamaha RMAX 54" Snowblower by Bercomac accommodates motors with a horizontal crankshaft ranging from 13HP to 23HP. For 2-Cylinder Honda motors with a horsepower of 20 to 24HP, an additional Bercomac exhaust silencer is recommended for optimal compatibility.

On and Off In Minutes

Especially if you’ve already toyed around with additional seating and/or hitch-mounted, pull-behind accessories, you may be getting a bad taste in your mouth in terms of time (and hassle) to install and remove. But Bercomac has come through in a major way in this department, engineering their Yamaha RMAX Snowblowers for painless and impeccably quick installation and removal - as quick as 4 minutes! This means you can effortlessly switch between snow-clearing mode and regular riding. And thanks to the rear-hitch attachment site of the sub frame, you can trust your Yamaha RMAX to maneuver skillfully with the snowblower installed.

                                  A front-oblique view of a Yamaha RMAX snowblower by Bercomac, installed on an ATV that's parked on snowy terrain

Take the Dread Out of Winter

Sure, you might not skip down the stairs in your “jammies” like a kid on a snow day, but after your grown self has had some coffee, you can at least take the hassle out of clearing your property with this industry-leading lineup of Yamaha RMAX Snowblowers by Bercomac. Easy to use and even easier to install and remove, this could be the next game-changer in your arsenal of side-by-side accessories. Now, get out there!