​Top Yamaha YXZ Accessories

Dec 31st 2021

There are few things you cannot do in one of Yamaha’s YXZ 1000R sport side-by-sides, and no two riders are exactly identical. What one rider deem necessary, another might deem superfluous. Yamaha YXZ engine performance parts and Yamaha YXZ turbo kits are used by riders who like to go fast, while accessories like cargo boxes and off-road navigation devices are common among recreational trail riders. Whatever your proclivities may be behind the wheel, though, here are the top Yamaha YXZ accessories that all riders can benefit from!

Yamaha YXZ Folding Windshields

Be it to shield your face from dust and bugs when flying down blacktop, or to manage the in-cab climate so that it remains within a comfortable temperature range, the functionality, versatility, and practicality of folding UTV windshields makes them a worthy contender for the top Yamaha YXZ accessory.

The crowd favorite for Yamaha YXZ folding windshields is the scratch-resistant flip-up windshields by the off-road firm SuperATV. These folding Yamaha YXZ windshields will protect both you and your co-pilot from things like rocks and airborne debris while in the down-most position, but folding windshields can also be fully opened, half way opened, or left slightly ajar to provide the optimum amount of airflow.

The gas struts that support the windshield can handle the bumpiest of terrain, while the multi-stage latching mechanisms used by SuperATV will ensure that everything remains tight and rattle-free as you ride. Plus, because the folding Yamaha YXZ windshields by SuperATV are constructed using XR Optic hard-coated polycarbonate, they won’t scratch, scrape, or scuff after going toe-to-toe with things like tree branches and flying rocks!

Like SuperATV, the premiere maker of aftermarket powersports products Race Driven also offers folding windshields for the Yamaha YXZ. But instead of being hinged from the top like the folding windshields by SuperATV, the folding windshields by Race Driven are hinged from the middle, and thus don’t require gas struts to open and close.

Yamaha YXZ Rear Cargo Boxes

Whether you’re trail riding on the weekend with the family or ripping it up at the dunes during a week-long summer vacation with your buddies, nothing will keep your gear and supplies secure like a Yamaha YXZ rear storage box. Some riders like to keep small items like maps, flashlights, and emergency first-aid kits inside the cab using products like Inferno bags or DragonFire door bags. But for larger items that you want to keep dry and dust-free, a rear Yamaha YXZ cargo box is almost compulsory. While the factory Yamaha YXZ box is nice, it isn’t the only game in town. Whatever it is that you intend to haul in your side-by-side, there’s almost certainly a cargo box / storage box at Everything Yamaha Offroad that can facilitate it!

Yamaha YXZ GPS Units

Unless you’re a situational savant who has never become lost, disoriented, or discombobulated, chances are that you’ll want some sort of navigational tool when exploring unfamiliar lands. Maps are great, but they’re a bit primitive. And while smartphones and tablets with apps like OnX or Gaia are great, they can’t match the functionality of a dedicated GPS device. Be it a Magellan GPS or a Garmin GPS, you can do everything from tracking rides and marking waypoints to testing speeds and monitoring elevations with the right Yamaha YXZ GPS!

Yamaha YXZ Protective Accessories

The first thing some riders add to their YXZ are protective accessories like tree kickers, brush guards, and aftermarket roll cages. Most stock side-by-side roll cages aren’t designed to withstand multiple tumbles, and the YXZ is no exception. So if you plan on launching your rig at the dunes or racing your rig at the track, a product like the Krash Offroad roll cage could be your saving grace.

For less extreme riding conditions, nerf bars and bumpers can suffice. Instead of saving you from harm, these accessories are intended to save your machine from harm. No matter if you’re cruising on stump-filled trails, or off-roading over prairies, buttes, or grasslands, the extra shielding provided by Yamaha YXZ brush guards, bumpers, and tree kickers will keep your cowling dent-free and your undercarriage unscathed!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve just purchased a Yamaha YXZ, welcome to the club; this machine is a whole different animal! Because the YXZ is already great in the stock configuration, many riders choose to forgo the use of aftermarket accessories. But if you’re never content with mediocrity, if you have specific off-road needs, or if you simply want an unmatched riding experience that is enjoyable, hassle-free, and convenient, the right Yamaha YXZ accessories will make all the difference! And although popularity isn’t always indicative of quality, the aforementioned top Yamaha YXZ accessories are trail-tested and rider-approved!