Is a Yamaha RMAX Cab Heater Right for You?

Nov 15th 2023

Is a Yamaha RMAX Cab Heater Right for You?

Heading into the colder months, UTV enthusiasts don't have to let the dropping temperatures put a freeze on their off-road adventures. A quality heater for your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX can make all the difference, allowing you to reclaim the joy of winter riding. Let's explore the reasons why installing a heater in your RMax UTV is a game-changer and highlight some top brands worth considering.

Why Install a Heater in Your RMax UTV?

Comfort in Cold Weather

The primary benefit of having a heater in your UTV is comfort. Heaters like the Ice Crusher Yamaha Wolverine RMAX cab heater offer a warm reprieve from the biting cold, ensuring you can enjoy your ride without shivering or suffering from the chill.

Longer Riding Season

With a heater, your UTV becomes a year-round vehicle. You no longer need to park it during winter; instead, you can continue enjoying your outdoor activities regardless of the temperature outside.

Safety and Convenience

A heater with a defrost option can clear up foggy windows, providing better visibility and safety. This feature is crucial for maintaining clear sight lines and ensuring a safer ride in frosty conditions.

Features of UTV Heaters

Customizable Vents

Modern heaters, like the ones from Ice Crusher, come with 360-degree rotatable vents that blend seamlessly with the interior of your UTV. The ability to adjust and close the vents provides better control over the heat distribution.

Enhanced Heat Distribution

Strategically placed vents ensure that warmth is delivered where it's needed most—towards your hands, feet, and body. Extra features like the 3'' foot vent on the driver's side offer additional comfort.

Efficient Heat Management

Innovative solutions like the MaxStat option optimize the heating system by directing more hot coolant to the heater core, enhancing the overall heat output and efficiency. Some heaters come with this feature built in and some you will need to add it on while purchasing the RMAX heater.

Top Brands for UTV Heaters

Inferno Cab Heaters

Inferno is known for its high-quality components and efficient heating systems, designed to withstand the rigors of off-road use.

Ice Crusher Heaters

Ice Crusher stands out for its fully adjustable and closeable defrost vents, which are a unique feature that sets them apart from competitors.

Firestorm Heaters

Firestorm offers robust and reliable heating solutions with easy-to-follow installation processes, making them a favorite among DIYers.

Pricing and Options

Heater kits for UTVs can range from $400 to $800, varying based on features such as the inclusion of a defrost system. While the initial investment might seem significant, the benefits in terms of comfort, safety, and extended use of your UTV during colder months justify the cost.

Stay Warm!!

Equipping your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX with a heater transforms your winter riding experience, offering the warmth and comfort needed to enjoy your vehicle all year round. With brands like Inferno, Ice Crusher, and Firestorm offering a range of heaters tailored to fit your needs and budget, there's no reason to let the cold weather hold you back from your off-road adventures.

Pro Tip#1: If you do not already have a full cab enclosure for your RMAX you will want that accessory first, as it will keep the heat in. We carry a full line of soft and hard RMAX cab enclosures and would be thrilled to help you find one for your machine!

Pro Tip#2: We suggest a medium level of mechanic ability to install UTV heaters. They can take a bit of time (approx. 2-3 hours). We would not suggest begginers buy UTV heaters and install themselves.